1st Post!

Aaah, first post. Good feeling no?

So you’re probably wondering what the hell a blog about Miscellaneous Knowledge is, or perhaps you thought you’d read the first post on here. Quite simply, this is just a collection of interesting facts, methods and odd problems, with a bit of ‘other’ stuff thrown in. The other stuff could be interesting things I find around the web, a little bit of personal life or, well, anything! Hopefully Google will index this and next time you have a really obsure problem, a post will crop up and you will forever bask in my glory (ok, so i’m making the last bit up, but a thanks would be nice).

If you have your own little information tiptbit you’d like to contribute, let me know. It’s always good to have more knowledge.

And now for something completely different – me. I’m a person (last time I checked) and a technology enthusiast (I spend my time around computers). I play a lot of games, mainly source-based ones and 3rd party mods infact, I also have my own game server business which is doing quite well. I also manage a (private) wiki and several game community websites – and thats just the tip of the iceberg.


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