Interleaving is part of ADSL, a protocol used to connect to the internet over phone lines. This can also be called DSL for those of you in the US.

Interleaving is a technology that increases the stability of the line, at the expensive of latency. Simply put, while it is activated your line will not disconnect as often but will have a slightly higher ping. For most people this is fine, however Gamers and users of a VOIP service or anything where latency is crucial want their ping as low as possible.

Most ISPs turn on interleaving by default, if your line is relatively stable then you can request them to turn it off. Some ISPs will not comply, but most will happily do so. My new ISP ADSL24 (who are a reseller for Entanet) allow you to control interleaving on the line. I requested that it was turned off, and my ping decreased by 10ms. Game on!

Not only this, but my line is just as stable. If you are a gamer or VOIP user, ask your ISP to turn off Interleaving to improve your latency.

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5 Responses

  1. Helpful info!!

    We got this problem a couple of days and our gaming now is very lagged.. A 1-2 second delay occurs in-game..

    We observed that the ping reply goes higher when we use the bandwidth, and goes back to normal when the line is clear..

    Dude, could this be the culprit??

  2. KingJ says:

    No, this wouldn’t be the culprit. Interleaving will only affect your ping by upto 10ms (0.01 seconds). When you use “the bandwidth”, your line becomes congested and hence data is delayed, a bit like a traffic jam on the road – you can’t get from A to B quickly because there are so many other cars.

  3. That’s exactly what I meant dude..

    It get’s congested whenever we use “the bandwidth”..

    Any idea??

  4. KingJ says:

    If you get those pings even while not downloading or using the internet for anything else, then there is congestion elsewhere on the internet, probably on the receiving server. Interleaving will not fix this and there is nothing I can do about it :)

  5. Oh, well..

    There are two other major providers here in our country..

    Thanks KingJ! ^__^,v,,

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