Dell Laptop AC Power Adapter Fault

During the last week, it seems the AC adapter for my Vostro 1500 Laptop that I purchased 7 months ago has developed a fault meaning that the AC adapter is not detected by the laptop. It still charges and powers the laptop fine however on every boot it makes a very loud beep and requires you to strike F1 to ignore the warning. In addition, the performance of the laptop is reduced to a minimun.

After looking around, it seems the AC adaptor contains a proprietary 1-wire device that transmits a serial number to the laptop. This is meant to prevent you from using 3rd Party adapters, only using Dell’s own adapters. However, the chip and communications are very prone to breakage, which is what seems to have happened in my case. This is not an isolated incident.

Thankfully, it’s still in warranty. A replacement is arriving tomorrow. Congratulations to dell on getting a replacement to me quickly, but I am disappointed that they have made the laptops only compatible with their own power adapters by use of the proprietary 1-wire device inside the power adapter.

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