Monthly Archive: January 2009

ST4120P – Not working in portrait mode 0

ST4120P – Not working in portrait mode

A while ago, I picked up a ST4120P, a Fujitsu Tablet PC.  It’s quite dated, having a blazing fast 933Mhz Pentium 3 Mobile Processor, a maximum of 512MB RAM, integrated 802.11b wireless and so on. However, it’s still a tablet and works fine for writing notes in programs such as OneNote (or Paint, for those that can’t afford office!). I...

Dropping out of Google 0

Dropping out of Google

Around mid december, I noticed that traffic for my Left 4 Dead Servers page dropped sharply – from 100 unique visitors a day to 5, at most. Most of my traffic comes from search engine referrals, so to have a drop off like this must have something to do it Google. Cue Google’s Webmaster Tools, a handly place for you...