Monthly Archive: February 2009

I now have exactly half my data 0

I now have exactly half my data

For the past two years, my main desktop which is designed for high performance gaming (and occasionally, work) has had hard drives running in a RAID0 array. A RAID0 array takes two hard drives...

Network Time Protocol (And the NTP Pool) 0

Network Time Protocol (And the NTP Pool)

The Network Time Protocol is, as the name implies, a standard for syncronising time across networks. This is extremely useful as it allows all computer clocks to be syncronised to a common, correct time...



OpenTTD, as it’s name implies, is an open-source remake of 1995 game Transport Tycoon Deluxe. Back when I had my first computer, TTD was one of my favourite games. So what was Transport Tycoon...

Mail Host (SSL): mail.root 0

Mail Host (SSL): mail.root

On my cPanel server, I noticed that users where being given the incorrect FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name, e.g for mail.root as the SSL address for the mail server. This is odd, since...

New Theme 0

New Theme

I somehow broke the default WordPress theme, so I decided to install a new one rather than fix it. Enjoy!