Monthly Archive: February 2009

I now have exactly half my data 0

I now have exactly half my data

For the past two years, my main desktop which is designed for high performance gaming (and occasionally, work) has had hard drives running in a RAID0 array. A RAID0 array takes two hard drives and combines them to form one larger drive, it also splits the data evenly across them Image from However, by using RAID0 with two drives...

Network Time Protocol (And the NTP Pool) 0

Network Time Protocol (And the NTP Pool)

The Network Time Protocol is, as the name implies, a standard for syncronising time across networks. This is extremely useful as it allows all computer clocks to be syncronised to a common, correct time rather than being “around” a certain time. It’s especially useful on servers, where co-ordinating events or tracing failures needs precision and accuracy. So how can you...



OpenTTD, as it’s name implies, is an open-source remake of 1995 game Transport Tycoon Deluxe. Back when I had my first computer, TTD was one of my favourite games. So what was Transport Tycoon all about? Basically, you have to build a transport network, using Trains, Planes, Trucks, Buses, Boats etc and earn as much money as possible, sounds simple...

Mail Host (SSL): mail.root 0

Mail Host (SSL): mail.root

On my cPanel server, I noticed that users where being given the incorrect FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name, e.g for mail.root as the SSL address for the mail server. This is odd, since there is no where to actually configure the SSL host address. After a bit of poking around, it seems it sets the address based upon the...

New Theme 0

New Theme

I somehow broke the default WordPress theme, so I decided to install a new one rather than fix it. Enjoy!