Titanium Backup: None on chosen platform

It’s always a horrifying experience to find that the backups you so carefully took previously now don’t work. Unfortunately, i’ve just run in to this problem.

After sending my phone back for repair, I attempted to restore the backups I took beforehand using Titanium Backup. While it recognised the backups, every one said “1 backup. None on chosen platform”. Unfortunately, a quick Google only turned up a handful of other people who were having the same problem, with no resolution.

After a bit of fiddling however, I came across a simple resolution. On the Backup/Restore tab, tap “Click to edit filters” and then “Filter by platform”. In the Filter by ROM build date section, you’ll probably see two or more values: only one of which is checked. Check all of them, then tap the checkmark to accept your new filter. Your backups should now read “1 backup: Latest xx/yy/zzzz 00:00” and can be restored.


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4 Responses

  1. Mike says:


    This didnt solve my problem exactly but it put me on the right track. In my case I didnt have anything checked in the “Filter by ROM build date” but it lead me to find “Filter by ROM Android version” I realized for some reason 4.0.2 was selected and not 4.2. Once I unchecked the 4.0.2 life was good again.

  2. AlCastle says:

    Wow! That fixed it…. but for me, I also had to check “Filter by ROM Android version:” and click on the latest Androids (4.1.2 and 4.2.2).

    I can’t believe that Titanium Tech Support doesn’t have this clearly on it’s FAQ.

    Thanks again for your help.

  3. B Okami says:

    Life Saver! Thank You

  4. hadyier says:

    Finally my problem fixed ,thanx alot for the information .So helpfull GBU ;-)

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