Monthly Archive: March 2014


Streaming Live TV using Tvheadend and Kodi on Raspberry Pis

I recently had an interesting request from some relatives – they wanted to be able to watch TV in the kitchen. A simple task I thought, I grabbed an old analogue TV, digital set-top box and internal aerial. Unfortunately, despite the post-switchover boost in transmission power, the signal received was just slightly too weak to be useful, resulting in only...


Resetting the IPMI Password on the ASRock E3C224D2I

Note: This will likely work for other similar ASRock boards too (e.g. E3C226D2I), however as I’ve only got the E3C224D2I I cannot verify if it does or not. Due to the method, it may even work on other boards too. Proceed at your own risk! I recently bought the ASRock E3C224D2I motherboard for a new Home NAS build. It has an integrated IPMI controller,...