Monthly Archive: April 2014


Optimising WordPress for Performance

WordPress is a very powerful yet accessible platform. It powers many blogs and websites, including this one. However, many WordPress sites can often be slow to load and navigate. For a user, this is frustrating and will often result in them leaving the site and going elsewhere. This isn’t WordPress’s fault per-se, a lot of optimisations are simply not possible out of...

Running the Dibbler DHCPv6 Client as a Service 3

Running the Dibbler DHCPv6 Client as a Service

In a previous post, I explained how to install and configure the Dibbler DHCPv6 client, which is necessary for using IPv6 at certain providers such as Perplexingly, I could only get the client to run interactively and not as a service. This meant that I would need to make sure that I ran the client every time the server started,...

Installing Newer Kernels in Ubuntu 0

Installing Newer Kernels in Ubuntu

As part of the ongoing TV streaming project i’m working on, I tried a new DVB-T tuner (the August DVB-T210). Whilst it is supported by the Linux TV project, support is only available in kernel version 3.14 and newer. At the time of writing, Kernel 3.14 is so new that it only received a stable release a week ago. Naturally, no Linux...