Monthly Archive: August 2015

Zen and IPv6 2

Zen and IPv6

I’ve run IPv6 at home for a while now using a tunneled connection provided by SIXXS. However, my ISP (Zen) recently announced┬áthat they are trialing native IPv6. Naturally, I signed up as soon as I could – tunneled IPv6 is good, but native IPv6 is better! I was activated on the trial┬átoday and i’m currently writing this post using a...

Reinstalling Grub EFI on Ubuntu 0

Reinstalling Grub EFI on Ubuntu

Recently, whilst migrating some Hyper-V VMs to ESXi, I ran in to issues booting the VMs after migration. On boot, the EFI partition wasn’t found and couldn’t be booted. Thankfully, it’s a rather simple procedure to reinstall Grub EFI. Power on the VM and allow it to get stuck on the boot screen searching for an EFI partition. Grab the...