About Miscellaneous Knowledge

So you’re probably wondering what a blog about “Miscellaneous Knowledge” is, or perhaps you thought you’d read the about page. Simply put, this is just a collection of interesting facts, methods and odd problems, with a bit of ‘other’ stuff thrown in. The other stuff could be interesting things I find around the web, a little bit of personal life or, well, anything! Hopefully Google will index these pagesĀ and next time you have a really obscure problem, a post will crop up and you’ll come away less frustrated! If you did find a post useful, please comment on it – it’s good to know when things are useful for others.

And now for something completely different – me. I am Kingsley Jarrett. I am a university graduate working for a large financial organisation in their Security Engineering team. I used to also run a small Game Server hosting business, KINGJ.NET Game Servers, which I eventually sold to allow me to focus on my professional career. Interested in finding out a bit more? Take a look at my LinkedIn.

While I work with technology day in, day out, I still enjoy tinkering with various mini-projects in my spare time. So while you’ll see little how-tos on fixing unusual problems here, i’ll also write up these projects now and again.

I hope you enjoy Miscellaneous Knowledge andĀ find the posts useful!