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I was trawling the web one day and came across “X”, which interested me and hence made it’s way into a blog post.


Invalid/Malformed SSL Certificates on OSX

OSX users, welcome back. Recently, I enabled SSL by default for this site. If you try and browse to a non-HTTPS version of this site, you’ll be instantly redirected to the HTTPS version without loading any content. There’s no real security reason behind this, it’s just another thing I wanted to play around with and worry not, i’ll be doing...

Dropping out of Google 0

Dropping out of Google

Around mid december, I noticed that traffic for my Left 4 Dead Servers page dropped sharply – from 100 unique visitors a day to 5, at most. Most of my traffic comes from search engine referrals, so to have a drop off like this must have something to do it Google. Cue Google’s Webmaster Tools, a handly place for you...

Long Days 0

Long Days

Days are always long, you can’t fit 86400 into a short. If you don’t get the joke, don’t worry – you’re not missing much.

Dell Laptop AC Power Adapter Fault 1

Dell Laptop AC Power Adapter Fault

During the last week, it seems the AC adapter for my Vostro 1500 Laptop that I purchased 7 months ago has developed a fault meaning that the AC adapter is not detected by the laptop. It still charges and powers the laptop fine however on every boot it makes a very loud beep and requires you to strike F1 to...

Interleaving 5


Interleaving is part of ADSL, a protocol used to connect to the internet over phone lines. This can also be called DSL for those of you in the US. Interleaving is a technology that increases the stability of the line, at the expensive of latency. Simply put, while it is activated your line will not disconnect as often but will...