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The fun of working in IT

I’ve just come to the end of my 3rd week of my year-long industrial placement. For those not in the know, i’m working in the IT department of a medium sized local company. People...


Why I No Longer Recommend Google Checkout

Today, I received the following email from Google regarding their checkout service, which allows businesses like my own to receive credit card payments into our bank accounts: Hello, We’re writing to let you know...


I now have exactly half my data

For the past two years, my main desktop which is designed for high performance gaming (and occasionally, work) has had hard drives running in a RAID0 array. A RAID0 array takes two hard drives...



OpenTTD, as it’s name implies, is an open-source remake of 1995 game Transport Tycoon Deluxe. Back when I had my first computer, TTD was one of my favourite games. So what was Transport Tycoon...


Dropping out of Google

Around mid december, I noticed that traffic for my Left 4 Dead Servers page dropped sharply – from 100 unique visitors a day to 5, at most. Most of my traffic comes from search...