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The fun of working in IT 0

The fun of working in IT

I’ve just come to the end of my 3rd week of my year-long industrial placement. For those not in the know, i’m working in the IT department of a medium sized local company. People wonder why I like working in IT, my reasoning is that I enjoy playing with systems and making them work, and doing it properly. Sure, doing...

Why I No Longer Recommend Google Checkout 6

Why I No Longer Recommend Google Checkout

Today, I received the following email from Google regarding their checkout service, which allows businesses like my own to receive credit card payments into our bank accounts: Hello, We’re writing to let you know that on 5 May 2009, Google Checkout’s transaction processing fees will be changing. We will be transitioning from our 1.5% plus £0.15 per transaction rate to...

I now have exactly half my data 0

I now have exactly half my data

For the past two years, my main desktop which is designed for high performance gaming (and occasionally, work) has had hard drives running in a RAID0 array. A RAID0 array takes two hard drives and combines them to form one larger drive, it also splits the data evenly across them Image from However, by using RAID0 with two drives...



OpenTTD, as it’s name implies, is an open-source remake of 1995 game Transport Tycoon Deluxe. Back when I had my first computer, TTD was one of my favourite games. So what was Transport Tycoon all about? Basically, you have to build a transport network, using Trains, Planes, Trucks, Buses, Boats etc and earn as much money as possible, sounds simple...

Dropping out of Google 0

Dropping out of Google

Around mid december, I noticed that traffic for my Left 4 Dead Servers page dropped sharply – from 100 unique visitors a day to 5, at most. Most of my traffic comes from search engine referrals, so to have a drop off like this must have something to do it Google. Cue Google’s Webmaster Tools, a handly place for you...