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New Theme 0

New Theme

I somehow broke the default WordPress theme, so I decided to install a new one rather than fix it. Enjoy!

A Guide to Graphics Card Model Numbers 8

A Guide to Graphics Card Model Numbers

Todays graphics cards (from ATI or nVidia) often have confusing model numbers, is a 3600 better than a 2800? It’s a tough choice. So here’s a quick guide. Graphics card model numbers commonly consist of 4 digits then a series of letters afterwards. The first digit is the generation The second digit is the performance indicator The third digit is...

Guitar Hero 3 0

Guitar Hero 3

It rocks. I’ll write more when i’ve got some spare time in which i’m not playing it…

1st Post! 0

1st Post!

Aaah, first post. Good feeling no? So you’re probably wondering what the hell a blog about Miscellaneous Knowledge is, or perhaps you thought you’d read the first post on here. Quite simply, this is just a collection of interesting facts, methods and odd problems, with a bit of ‘other’ stuff thrown in. The other stuff could be interesting things I...