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Three UK (3) and the Nokia E71 6

Three UK (3) and the Nokia E71

A few months back, I picked up a new phone and contact. Before this, I used a SE k800i on Orange PAYG. While this worked fine for calls and texts (albeit in low volume) internet was a no go. Therefore, when I saw 3’s offer of a free phone with 1GB (“unlimited”) internet for £20/mo, I snapped it up straight...

Improving Mobile Broadband Speed 0

Improving Mobile Broadband Speed

I recently got mobile broadband from Voadafone UK (3GB/mo for £15/mo). Now, while they advertise “upto” 7.2mbit/sec, I appreciate that you will never recieve it – the same with Wireless Networks, you never receive 54mbit/sec, even right by the WiFi point you will probably get just 30mbit/sec at most. Anyway, you should expect to get around 2mbit/sec from your mobile...