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Creating a Basic, Always On, Mobile Compatible IPSEC VPN

For a while, i’ve wanted to create a working always-on VPN from my phone back to my internal network. Partly to be able to access my network resources from anywhere, but also to provide additional security while out and about. WiFi hotspots are well known for their weaknesses, but increasingly mobile data connections are also at risk, with most mobile...

Titanium Backup: None on chosen platform 4

Titanium Backup: None on chosen platform

It’s always a horrifying experience to find that the backups you so carefully took previously now don’t work. Unfortunately, i’ve just run in to this problem. After sending my phone back for repair, I attempted to restore the backups I took beforehand using Titanium Backup. While it recognised the backups, every one said “1 backup. None on chosen platform”. Unfortunately,...

Nokia E71 End of Life 0

Nokia E71 End of Life

One and a half years after originally obtaining my Nokia E71, my contract has come up for renewal – new phone time! Before I talk about my new phone though, a few words on how the E71 has performed for me while i’ve had it. Overall, it’s been really good. I’ve taken the phone pretty much everywhere with me every...