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Optimising WordPress for Performance

WordPress is a very powerful yet accessible platform. It powers many blogs and websites, including this one. However, many WordPress sites can often be slow to load and navigate. For a user, this is frustrating and will often result in them┬áleaving the site and going elsewhere. This isn’t WordPress’s fault per-se, a lot of optimisations are simply not┬ápossible out of...


Streaming Live TV using Tvheadend and Kodi on Raspberry Pis

I recently had an interesting request from some relatives – they wanted to be able to watch TV in the kitchen. A simple task I thought, I grabbed an old analogue TV, digital set-top box and internal aerial. Unfortunately, despite the post-switchover boost in transmission power, the signal received was just slightly too weak to be useful, resulting in only...

IPv6 with Online.net and Dibbler 4

IPv6 with Online.net and Dibbler

After getting a bit fed up with OVH, I recently moved my personal server to Online.net. Like OVH, they are a French-based provider of low price, but high performance servers – great for my needs of a powerful box for all my experiments and personal web, voice etc hosting. Unfortunately, getting IPv6 working with Online.net is somewhat more involved than...