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Zen and IPv6 2

Zen and IPv6

I’ve run IPv6 at home for a while now using a tunneled connection provided by SIXXS. However, my ISP (Zen) recently announced that they are trialing native IPv6. Naturally, I signed up as soon as I could – tunneled IPv6 is good, but native IPv6 is better! I was activated on the trial today and i’m currently writing this post using a...

Running the Dibbler DHCPv6 Client as a Service 3

Running the Dibbler DHCPv6 Client as a Service

In a previous post, I explained how to install and configure the Dibbler DHCPv6 client, which is necessary for using IPv6 at certain providers such as online.net. Perplexingly, I could only get the client to run interactively and not as a service. This meant that I would need to make sure that I ran the client every time the server started,...

IPv6 with Online.net and Dibbler 4

IPv6 with Online.net and Dibbler

After getting a bit fed up with OVH, I recently moved my personal server to Online.net. Like OVH, they are a French-based provider of low price, but high performance servers – great for my needs of a powerful box for all my experiments and personal web, voice etc hosting. Unfortunately, getting IPv6 working with Online.net is somewhat more involved than...