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Auto-Updating VM OS Base Images with KubeVirt’s Containerised Data Importer

KubeVirt is a great way to run virtual machines on top of an existing Kubernetes cluster – and is useful for situations where you have an existing bare-metal Kubernetes cluster, but still have a few workloads that either can’t be containerised or are unsuitable for containerisation. If you want to boot a VM straight in to a pre-installed OS, rather...


Upgrading a etcd Cluster from Version 2.3 to Version 3.0 on CoreOS Container Linux

The recent 1.6 release of Kubernetes strongly encourages switching etcd to etcd3. However, if you have an existing etcd2 cluster, the documentation CoreOS provides on upgrading it is less than helpful. Although it documents the upgrade procedure, it doesn’t tell you how to actually switch from running etcd2 to etcd3 – simply saying to drop in the new etcd3 binary in...


Using Ceph FS Persistent Volumes with Kubernetes Containers

Containers are great, up until you need to persist storage beyond the potential lifetime of the container. In a single Dockerised setup, this might be easily solved through the use of host volumes but that’s not really a feasible method on larger orchestrated container setups such as Kubernetes. Luckily though, this is easily solved through the use of remote persistent volumes....