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Enabling OpenWRT’s NTP Server 2

Enabling OpenWRT’s NTP Server

Normally, I configure my systems to synchronize their clocks over NTP to one of the NTP Pool servers. However, due to the load-balanced nature of the NTP Pool, clients must use fully qualified domain names in order to synchronize with NTP Servers. Most of the time, this isn’t a problem – most NTP clients fully support using FQDNs as opposed to IPs. However, a...

Network Time Protocol (And the NTP Pool) 0

Network Time Protocol (And the NTP Pool)

The Network Time Protocol is, as the name implies, a standard for syncronising time across networks. This is extremely useful as it allows all computer clocks to be syncronised to a common, correct time rather than being “around” a certain time. It’s especially useful on servers, where co-ordinating events or tracing failures needs precision and accuracy. So how can you...