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Enabling OpenWRT’s NTP Server 2

Enabling OpenWRT’s NTP Server

Normally, I configure my systems to synchronize their clocks over NTP to one of the NTP Pool servers. However, due to the load-balanced nature of the NTP Pool, clients must use fully qualified domain names in order to synchronize with NTP Servers. Most of the time, this isn’t a problem – most NTP clients fully support using FQDNs as opposed to IPs. However, a...

Zen and IPv6 2

Zen and IPv6

I’ve run IPv6 at home for a while now using a tunneled connection provided by SIXXS. However, my ISP (Zen) recently announced that they are trialing native IPv6. Naturally, I signed up as soon as I could – tunneled IPv6 is good, but native IPv6 is better! I was activated on the trial today and i’m currently writing this post using a...

Creating a GRE Tunnel Between OpenWRT and pfSense 3

Creating a GRE Tunnel Between OpenWRT and pfSense

Following on from my previous post about building a IPsec tunnel between a Palo Alto firewall and a pfSense VM, I started trying to build a GRE tunnel between a OpenWRT router on my local network and the pfSense VM. Since GRE tunnels are unencrypted, it needs to traverse the IPSEC tunnel and not the internet! Nothing will stop you from running a GRE...