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Optimising WordPress for Performance

WordPress is a very powerful yet accessible platform. It powers many blogs and websites, including this one. However, many WordPress sites can often be slow to load and navigate. For a user, this is frustrating and will often result in them┬áleaving the site and going elsewhere. This isn’t WordPress’s fault per-se, a lot of optimisations are simply not┬ápossible out of...

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SuPHP is an option during compiling PHP to run all scripts under the owner of the folder. Traditionally on shared hosting accounts, PHP scripts are run as “nobody” to prevent them from causing havoc with the system. However, this still leaves a few vulnerabilities where a PHP script from one user might be able to access other user’s files. By...

Changing the php.ini without access 1

Changing the php.ini without access

Recently, I needed to turn on magic quotes for a customer on our web hosting. Now, our web hosting is not actually hosted by me, rather I purchase a reseller package. This allows me to offer cPanel access without having to spend an absolute fortune on it. However, it means I don’t have access to the php.ini and hence can’t...