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Reinstalling Grub EFI on Ubuntu 0

Reinstalling Grub EFI on Ubuntu

Recently, whilst migrating some Hyper-V VMs to ESXi, I ran in to issues booting the VMs after migration. On boot, the EFI partition wasn’t found and couldn’t be booted. Thankfully, it’s a rather simple procedure to reinstall Grub EFI. Power on the VM and allow it to get stuck on the boot screen searching for an EFI partition. Grab the...

Installing Newer Kernels in Ubuntu 0

Installing Newer Kernels in Ubuntu

As part of the ongoing TV streaming project i’m working on, I tried a new DVB-T tuner (the August DVB-T210). Whilst it is supported by the Linux TV project, support is only available in kernel version 3.14 and newer. At the time of writing, Kernel 3.14 is so new that it only received a stable release a week ago. Naturally, no Linux...

Installing KDE on Ubuntu 0

Installing KDE on Ubuntu

Ever felt like trying out the KDE desktop interface, but didn’t fancy downloading Kubuntu and installing from scratch? Good news! You can easily install KDE from your current Gnome-based Ubuntu install and it’s dead simple. Open up Synaptic Package Manager and search for “kubuntu” in the quick search, in the list of results select kubuntu-desktop and then click apply. Synaptic...